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Raspberry Blonde

Malt: Rahr 2 Row, Abbey Malt, White Wheat, Munich Malt
Hops: Calypso
Yeast: American Ale
ABV: 5.4%
IBU: 18

Notes: A simple malt bill and new age Calypso hops lay the groundwork for a lightly hopped American Blonde Ale. The addition of of 40 pounds of dried raspberries, after fermentation, produces a refreshing, fruit forward summer ale. Like the summer this beer will go quick, don’t let this be the one that got away! Stop in for a pint or check your local liquor store for a 4-pack!

East Bay Smoked Maple Brown

Malt: Warminster, Pale Chocolate, Crisp Medium Crystal, Carafa, Briss Cherry Smoked
Hops: Calypso, Mt. Hood
Yeast: American Ale
ABV: 4.7%
IBU: 24

WBC is proud to present out second installment of East Bay Maple Brown Ale. We again partnered with East Bay Sugarbush Maple Syrup to bring you this delicious Norther English style Brown Ale. This year our version includes a cherry wood smoked malt, which adds a pleasant wood smoke aroma. As you drink it you’ll experience wonderful flavors of biscuit, caramel with a subtle nutty flavor. The maple shines through providing a nice sweetness to the beer. Come into the taproom to give it a try!

Mo-Winta Milk Stout

Malt: American 2-Row, 2 varieties of dark crystal, chocolate malt, roasted barley, oats and lactose
Hops: Magnum & East Kent Golding
Yeast: LondonAle
ABV: 5.6%
IBU: 20

As if we didn’t get enough winter this year we decided to bring back our milk stout for a couple more weeks. The Mo’Winta Milk Stout brought home the gold medal in this years World Beer Cup in the Sweet or Cream Stout category!

Dark, delicious, and made for winter, the Mo’Winta milk stout is true to the sweet stout name with a smooth and creamy mouth feel that is sure to go down easy. Classic stout roastiness complimented with the addition of milk sugar lends the Mo’Winta an exceptional body and a decided sweetness. Easily enjoyed on the coldest of Minnesota nights or as an after dinner dessert the Mo’Winta Milk Stout will have you asking for Mo’Winta.

Espress Yo’Self Golden Ale

Malt: Stout Malt, Caraheu, Crisp Dextrin
Hops: First Gold, Mandarina Bavaria, Calypso
Yeast: American Ale
ABV: 5.7
IBU: 22

Espress Yo’Self Golden Ale is an American Golden style ale with a coffee, chocolate twist. We partnered with Folly Coffee Roasters and cold steeped their delicious house blend bean into this beer. With 1 pound of coffee per barrel, this ale has a unique blend of hops to compliment the character of the coffee and finished with a generous dose of chocolate flavor for good measure. Brilliant gold in color with all the priorities of a dark beer, you’re sure to express your delight at the wonderful flavors of this Golden Ale.

Pontoon Pale Ale

Malt: Cargill 2-Row Pale, Pauls Pale Ale, Cargill C2ol, White Wheat
Hops: Amarillo, Cascade, Mandarina Bavaria
Yeast: American Ale
ABV: 5.7%
IBU: 32

Three main hops are used to make the Pontoon Pale Ale: Amarillo, Cascade, and Mandarina Bavaria. If you were to look at this beer like a boat, Cascade provides the frame and pontoons because it supports the other flavors. The Amarillo brings power to the engine that drives this beer forward with an exotic fruit presence. Finally, Mandarina Bavaria brings the comfort of the seats and cushions because that’s where you want to spend all your time taking in the deep citrus flavor and dry finish. Combine all these components together and you have yourself a balanced vessel worthy of sailing on the layered malt bill of the Pontoon Pale Ale.

Flagship Brews

255 Amber Ale

Grain: American 2-row, Dark Crystal, CaraAmber, Munich & Biscuit Malts
Hops: American
ABV: 5.8%
IBU: 28

WacTown Wheat

Winner of the 2016 US Open Beer Championship

Bronze Medal

Grain: American 2-row, white wheat, flaked wheat & Munich malts
Hops: Magnum & Amarillo
Yeast: German Ale
Spices: Sweet Orange Peel & Mandarin Orange Extract
ABV: 5.1%
IBU: 25

Carver Co. Kōlsch

Winner of the 2016 US Open Beer Championship

Gold Medal

Grain: Pilsner Malt, Wheat, Munich
Hops: American & German
ABV: 5%
IBU: 25


Grain: Maris Otter, American 2-row, Caramunich, Carapils
Hops: American
ABV: 7%
IBU: 75

Chocolate Peanut Butter Porter

Grain: MCI Stout malt, Pale chocolate, English chocolate, Medium crystal & flaked oats
Hops: UK First Gold
Yeast: American Ale
ABV: 6.4%
IBU: 24

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