Answers to our most common questions!

Can I bring our dog into your taproom?

At WBC we LOVE dogs as much as everyone else out there. We also strive to create a great taproom experience and providing popcorn to our customers is a part of that experience, as a result dogs are not allowed inside the taproom. This is a Minnesota Agriculture Department rule.

HOWEVER! 0ur nice sunny patio IS dog friendly to well behaved and leashed dogs with a large fresh bowl of water and treats that are available inside upon request.

Do you have food trucks?
We try to have a food truck outside the taproom on Friday’s and Saturday’s. The food trucks are much more frequent in the summer months versus the winter months. Check our events calendar to see an up to date list of our food trucks and other events.
Can I order food into the taproom?
Absolutely, feel free to order in, pick up some takeout and bring it to the taproom. We have a
book of menus from all of the local restaurants.
Can I bring my own food into the taproom?
Sure, lots of people bring in meat and cheese trays or crockpots to share with their friends.
Can I bring other alcohol into the taproom?
No, our liquor license does not allow us to have other alcohol served or opened in our taproom.
What is your growler policy?
We have growlers or howlers of most of our beers. Growlers are purchased to take home not to be opened in the taproom. Growlers are individually priced and there is $5 cost for the glass. If you bring the glass back we will exchange it for a full growler and not charge you again.
If I buy a 750 ml bottle can I open it in the brewery?
We occasionally have our barrel aged beers in bottles. These are high ABV beers that have aged for over a year. We do table service for these bottles so yes, if you purchase a bottle, we will open it and give you glasses for you to enjoy in the taproom. You may also take these bottles home to enjoy.
Do you have outdoor seating?
From May 1st until October 31st we have an outdoor patio to be enjoyed by all.
Do you do tours?
If you have a group that would like a tour of our brewhouse please call the taproom at 612-888-2739 to schedule one.
Do you have live music?
We occasionally have a band in the taproom, usually on Friday evenings. Please check the events calendar to see upcoming bands.
Can I reserve a table?
We will reserve up to 2 tables for a group of customers. Please call the taproom to reserve a table at 612-888-2739.
Do you close for private events?
No, we will not close for private events. We will reserve areas of the taproom for your party but other customers will also be enjoying the space.
Do you have any gluten free options?
Yes, we have a flavored hard seltzer water that is gluten free.
Do you have any alcohol-free options?
Yes, we have frosty mugs of root beer along with a variety of cans of pop.
Is your taproom family friendly?
Definitely, we are a family run business that enjoys having other families in the taproom. We have games for both kids and adults and free popcorn for all.