BUZZ OFF 2020 - Honey DIPA

A stinger of a year, we can all agree 2020 can BUZZ OFF!  Kicking off 2021 is a new Double IPA from our killer worker bee brewer, Amy Ratzlaff.  This Double IPA starts with swarms of heritage Eraclea Pilsner malt that contributes a clean, bready backbone with hints of honey.  White wheat and honey in the whirlpool adds slight citrus/floral notes that compliment the delicate malt base.

The queen bee of hops in this blend, AU Enigma, leds her flavors of raspberry, red currant, Pinot Gris and light tropical notes.  Paired with old school Centennial and Simcoe, a favorite hop of ours, these two add citrus earthiness to round out the blend.  This dank, honey-forward and unique hop bill will have you flying back to the brewery for more.

Malt: Eraclea Pilsner
Hops: AU Enigma, Centennial, Simcoe
ABV: 8% IBU: 53