Espress Yo' Self Chocolate Coffee Golden Ale

Is it dark?  Is it light?  The Chocolate Coffee Golden Ale will keep your taste buds guessing!

The Chocolate Coffee Golden Ale is WBC’s unique take on a coffee beer. With almost 1 pound of coffee per barrel of New York, New York blend from Specialty Java, this ale has a unique blend of hops to compliment the character of the coffee and generous dose of chocolate flavor for good measure.

Brilliant gold in color with all the properties of a dark beer, the Chocolate Coffee Golden Ale is sure to surprise your taste buds

Grain: MCI Stout malt, Light crystal & Dextrin malt
Hops: UK First Gold, Mandarina Bavaria & Calypso
ABV: 5.9% IBU: 22
Food Pairings: Roasted, smoked or BBQ port, Gruyere cheese, salted pretzels, cheesecake
Drinking Temp: Best served in a proper glass at 42 degrees.