Golden Cookie Ale

We are very excited about finally getting a chance to showcase our talents for the Minnesota State Fair. Coasters have given us that chance and we’re grateful for the opportunity! Introducing Golden Cookie Ale, our liquid take on your favorite, popular Vanilla Cream Cookie. This brilliant, crisp golden ale looks like a “yellow beer” but it is anything but. Immediate aromas of Cookies and Cream come at you with a hint of vanilla.

Take a sip and enjoy the ride. Big notes of cookies & vanilla battle on your palate which linger long enough until your next sip! Just enough malt sweetness and hops to balance it all out. Enjoy the summer heat with this unique, one of a kind, state fair treat. Cheers!

Grain: Proximity Base malt, light crystal and dextrin malts; American Ale yeast
Hops: UK First gold
ABV: 5.6% IBU: 20