Pater Fermenti

Introducing Pater Fermenti, a delightful and refreshing Patersbier that embodies a harmonious blend of tradition and innovation. As a Patersbier, it’s important to note that this style originated within monastic brewing traditions. It was a lighter, more sessionable beer brewed by monks primarily for their own consumption. Patersbier translates to “father’s beer,” indicating it was the daily beer enjoyed by the monks themselves while the heavier, more robust Trappist ales were reserved for special occasions or for sale to the public. The use of Hallertau Blanc hops imparts a unique twist, delivering subtle floral and fruity notes, including hints of white grape and passionfruit. These flavors harmonize with the beer’s malt profile, providing a refreshing and slightly spicy taste, with a clean finish. Pater Fermenti pays homage to the heritage of Patersbier while inviting enthusiasts to savor a modern interpretation of this revered style, capturing the essence of Belgian brewing finesse with a touch of contemporary flair.

ABV: 5.5% IBU: 30